July 19, 2008

It have been years

July 19 2008 emotions

Today is the day that i feel that i have lost everything.......i felt a sense of emptyness inside me as i was browsing through the years that gone behind of me. It is already 2 years pass since i wrote anything in this dreadful unpopular blog. During this life journey there have been happyness and sorrow. The wonderful things in life that revolve around me is that i meet many new and wonderful person during this lustful journey , the sorrow part is that i have lost so much during this journey of wisdom. The truth is, somethings just wake me up after i watch this cantonese drama series call heart of greed although it is not exactly what happen to me but somehow it can be related to what i have experience during this last two years. Heart breaks, friendship, failure, determination, and most importantly family. The characters in this movie does make me feel a little numb.This begins 2 years ago , when i met a wonderful group of friends which i call 'astro 9' yes those were the days that i could really tell them everything from tip to toe. I thank you all for being there for me, then there were the 'Klang kaki' which yes included the generous but annoying adrian, those wonderful football night and last minutes assignment practices are memoirs of great value. Further on , the group shrink starting with the 'Astro 9 ' when i did something foolish that i believe some of you knew. And then there were the klang kaki the last moments in Genting were great as i still remember we were playing black jack till 4 am in a mamak stall losing ten of dollar buying each other teh panas. Once again i thank all of you for all the wonderful memories there, then there were the darker sides of things, losing someone you love and cherrish most, losing friends thats were so close and yet so far. Losing your family trust, being a failure and outcast in life, trying to be someone that is totally not you. Most importantly losing a bunch of friends again and again and again. Then there were the MMEC boys, although i am not really close to this bunch but in dash of time, i realise we had known each other for almost 3 years, i remember the days i approach you daniel and seet, tell all the cock and bull of how i was interested in cars..... and well 2 years later, i was left alone in taking over the club,First of all i really want to thank Keshy for all your patients and enthusiat, you taught me what i need to become and you show me how. I really understand how hard it is to become a president. Then there was "Autofiesta" the day i look foward most and you know what i was totally disappointed by it, i cried silently in my heart hidding myself from my members, and mile really shook me up when he qouted this word 'saya amat bangga denggan kamu semua, you all did it at last' i stare at him with disappointment and reply 'why you said that, it was worst than last year far more worst than any previous years' he reply with a laughed and said 'No i think it was a success who can bring this much amount of cars and press when there was two major event going on today' i cried silently again. Such passion was shown by a man who only help us with the stage. And yes from that day onward i swear not to fail again. Not to disappoint anybody. And then again i fail in my life, my education i practically failed everything thing that i touched. From my hobbies, studies,friendship, business and even relationship i am a failure and still do. But i will never give up, because i know the feeling of disappointment all to well that the only strength in me left. But how long will determination hold..... at a point when life just suck to the max.

to be continue

August 29, 2007


My: Baby Alyna Buns

A little Poem for You

Morning Morning,

Grumpy grumpy,

Hasty Hasty ,

need to Study

evy evy, have to Milky

Nitety nitety, baby phone me,

Drivey drivey Parade kita pergi,

Shopy Shopy, Blacky beside me

Yes: Boys and girls, BLACK Kenneth Cole perfume>>>>>>rm262......is nothing(leave it to Maybank ATM, for everything else there is always Derek Ho)
Most importantly, i know my baby love me, Muaks love you dear, thks for the perfume....... love it so much and most of all i love you so much.

Ps: Baby , today i was too speechless to describe you, love you so much.

August 19, 2007


guess who's back...

bloody fat idiot dunno how to do cbox.....onli know how to play cs...

summore make me eat expensive food....

anyhoo....lobster dinner is mine baby!!!!...

p.s. have to admit lar he help me with the car....MMEC president marh...

p.p.s. i do not sleep in lectures....maybe once......

p.p.p.s. oklar....twice

August 16, 2007


Hi PEEPS...... gosh , that phrase hasn't being use for ages ain't it......god damnit .... Why all lectures must start in da morning ???? why!!!!!! FattYd misses another lecture not intentionally, but theoretically he couldn't wake up 8.00 in da morning just to attend lectures....... there goes my comparative advantages against Sooperstar in da Race TO good old 'Mike KranKey" country. PS: TO SooperStar (SO wAT if yOU AtteND lecTurers , WHen You only SLeep in them ..... whahhahahaha) okok cut the crap and jump back to me! ToDay phone alarm rang at 7.00 am , look at it and slept back, recurrent alarm rang at 7.30 look at it and throw the phone somewhere, 9.00 am woke up , wondering wheres my phone, look down the floor and saw the most devastating thing ever. My phone got extra components , yup a battery, the phone and the back cover and a few more morning scars.

By the way, talking about Sooperstar............ wakalu kong ..... it was one of the funniest moments ever hahaha , after fetching baby buns home, FattyD Rang Sooperstar as sooperstar rang fattyD at 11.21 pm to complain about how emotional was he because the sooperSTAR lost his Car Keys while he was watching Polinugget vs Metrobulls , ps again ( you are the first ever dude i know to LOSe his carkeys) so as MMEC president :p the motorsports dude kindly picks up thespian president as thespian and basketball presidents do not know how to off the Car Alarm. Btw Sooperstar was planning to leave his beloved wife Kelisa a day in Ss14 for the MPSj dudes to towed the car for loitering. So after arriving at the cRime scene Fattyd took only 3 minute to finished the Job..... and earned a well Deserved praise by sOoperStar ( WHOA Derek damn sMArt right ..... ps Again ( not i smart la commonsense la..... :p) after that SoopersTar and fattyD decided to go for a Drink at a mamak nearby.
and that concludes yesterday adventure not until when fAtTyD realize that MANCHESTER UNITED DRAW YET ANOTHER TIME WITH PORTHMOUTHS , there goes the theater of dreams.

OK peeps , gtg for FINANCE lecture Ciao Will updated more soon.

ps:SoopersTAr need your Help to fill MUA missing chatter Box >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

December 13, 2006

You want to know why?

First of all i aint calling you a murderer , i dont expect you to ask for forgiveness , i dont judge your sincerity , i do trust you, i dont care if you mix with 'him' . But dont you understand me ? Times of trouble where are you ? Where were you when i silencely cry myself to sleep. Where were you when i needed you most? Where were you when i want to talk to you?? Where were you when i want to hear your voice? i dont put the blame in you seriously !!! But i have a limit mind you, i am a human, i need to be loved, even though you are busy with your work i expect you to at least spend a little time to check on me, yes i know you are a stubborn women, i live with that , i understand you! But do SOME FREAKING body understand me? i dont expect any sympathy from any of you. Your on your own now , i dont care if you even couple with 'Him' , even though he's my best friends, is alright ill have learned my lesson, i shall be your past and i shall move one, i have set my goals and desire , thank you, i Have tried my very best, is your lost, i believe people would die for a person like me, the way i treated you , the things that i have sacrifice for you, i reliase today is all a lie. You have taught me how to love another person that i have never love before, and now you have taught me how to built my wall towards the sky. I do not blame you, i blame the relationship , and i thank you for all the memories i that i have share with you, i even cry before ,flashing back those memories, even by now typing this blog make my heart shatter because every morning when i wake up i cant see your face , tears will certainly flow from my eyes but i must move on, so do you .

Goodbye my lover,
Goodbye my friend,
You have been the one,
I taught i would married you,
But you shatter my dreams,
i have taught i could be with you,
But you choose to be a flower heart,
There it goes,
I am all alone,
Chasing a dream that would never happen,

December 06, 2006

Judge yourself first beside judging people

Excuse me...telling someone everything he doesnt want to hear at that particular time is not a good idea to start with. Dont ever judge me for who am i, things that i do doesnt concern you at all. Doesnt mean that you stick with the person every single day, dont mean you know everything about him or her. Thats true boys and girls.... dont judge the books by its cover. Yes todays theme , Judge yourself first beside judging people , i got it from buns, Yes i agree , we do have weakness and yes we do have strength too. Before bitching about other ppl , well just have a look on ourself. What makes us so different from the one we bitching about, particularity if you are jealous of that person, you are actually respecting him in another sense. What makes you so different if you are a slacker like anyone else, what makes you so different if you are hitting on other girls while your current relationship is going to the end. I mean what makes you so different from everyone around you. Yes particularly myself,
-hot tempered
-fault mouth
-loves my loves one alot ( but dont know the other loves you as much as you does)
-Dont like to bitched about other people, it just influence my perception of that fellow
-Easily influence
-Have no confidents

Yes those are my weakness , you think i dont know...... so dont simply judge me before judging yourself... what makes you so different from me, you and i have weaknesses but yet i do not tell you off straight , i am a man who recognize kindness and expect little in return, but still doesnt mean i dont have a limit of emotional burst up. So conclusion, dont judge other people when you yourself dont know yourself well ( When you bitched about other people, other people are bitching about you too)

ps: This is a random msg by Fatty D , which his emotion are easily combustable. ARHGHGHGHGHHGHGHGHGHGHHG I LOve BLoggIng. This is my blog .. i dont care wat the fuck i write inside this crap hole, if you dont like it then leave ! (kennysia)

December 05, 2006

Msn Bitches

Yes... starting this post is definitely out of force... the anger and outburst... man i hate ppl...who takes ages to reply you... i mean.. if you want to talk to me at least give a constant flow of reply or else stop the bloody conversation ... not to leave your reader patiently wait 5 freaking minutes for one bloordy sentence mind you, if you have that much free time to talk to other friend or watching videos then dont even start the conversation with me first. Yes is like you call someone and yet you know there are there but they dont even bother to pick up your called... but this is worst... because you are starring at the monitor doing shit just waiting for the reply..

Ps: Definitely not the first time i have warned you... it occurs everytime... to those with the same issues pls comment... to those who have other taught pls comment too.. Fattyd: needs some advices... argghh